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A free to use Darkroom in the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont

  • Use our equipment and chemicals to make prints. (bring your own paper)

  • For beginner photographers. Sundays and Tuesdays


  • Use scanners to turn your negatives into digital images. (35/120mm)

  • Use equipment to develop your own film (Black and White Film only)



Printing Sessions schedule by appointment

Mon 6pm - 10pm

Wed 6pm - 10pm

Fri 6pm - 10pm



I came up with the idea for the It'll Do Darkroom in July, 2017 after I took my very first darkroom class at Burlington City Arts. 

After the class, I inquired about becoming a member at Burlington City Arts. I was really excited to be apart of a community of other photographers. Then I saw that the membership fee was $600 a year. I was still a full time student in college; there was no way I could afford the membership fee. 

I remember thinking about how amazing it would be if there was a free-to-use darkroom in Burlington, Vermont.

Now it’s here. I would like to thank the generosity of the community for making It’ll Do Darkroom a reality: my current boss for providing the space in his home rent free, and all of my friends that helped me transform that space into a functioning darkroom. It was a ton of work and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.

I am looking forward to building a new community of artists under the It'll Do Darkroom roof in Burlington.

The darkroom may not have fanciest equipment, be located in a big building, or have employees, but it does have the base materials and equipment necessary to make prints and develop film, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. 


I have big plans for the It’ll Do Darkroom we plan to: start an art collective, provide second hand film cameras to people who want to learn photography, create an online zine, and organize pop up art shows displaying work from the It’ll Do Darkroom community.